“Ciao Down” At Your Italian Wedding Reception

Food is usually the focus of an Italian wedding reception, and Italian restaurants know how to turn a wedding into a feast. Bring your guests a taste of Italy with these traditional choices:

Hors d'Oeuvres and Cocktails

Cocktail hour will be a time for guests to mingle and enjoy a drink and some light food. You may have your offerings served on a buffet table, or you may have waitstaff moving through the crowd with plates of food 

  • A Bellini is an Italian cocktail made with peace juice and an Italian sparkling wine such as Prosecco
  • Italian cheeses served with salami are light choices that guests will appreciate.
  • Bruschetta is toasted bread topped with garlic and tomatoes. It is easy for guests to carry and eat. 

First Course

The first course is traditionally pasta. During this part of your dinner you can add as many courses as you'd like. In addition to pasta, you can also have a salad course, a soup course or additional appetizers. Here are some options.

  • Serve several pieces of ravioli with a sage and butter sauce. 
  • Linguini can be mixed with a light butter sauce and herbs. Add crab or lobster for more taste. 
  • Guests may enjoy a salad of mozzarella, tomatoes and basil. 
  • Italian wedding soup is traditionally made with ground beef and green vegetables. 

Main Course

Your main course will always include meat, but you have many choices. The meat is typically served with steamed vegetables. 

  • Grilled beef, pork or lamb are simple and elegant choices. 
  • Seared or baked salmon with a light sauce is healthy and delicious. 
  • Filet of beef is always popular with guests. 
  • Consider a plate of mixed, grilled vegetables for guests who do not eat meat. 


In addition to your wedding cake, you will want to offer your guests some traditional Italian desserts. Desserts are often placed on a buffet, so guests can enjoy them all. 

  • Puffed pastry is layered with fresh fruit and cream. This is sometimes used as the wedding cake. 
  • Gelati is Italian ice cream that is light and refreshing. 
  • Fresh fruit kebabs are a nice option for guests who don't want to eat sweets. 

When your reception is over, send guests home with a bag of candied almonds. 

The most important thing about an Italian wedding reception is that no one leaves hungry. There should be plenty of food, and you can add as many courses as you'd like. It is not unheard of to serve two main courses. Italian weddings are known as happy celebrations where everyone eats until they are stuffed. Offer guests wonderful food, and they will always remember your wedding as a wonderful event.

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