Bonding With Your Papa:The 4 Qualities Of A Dad-Friendly Bar And Grill

When it's time to treat Dad to a celebratory time out on the town, forget about the fancy pants restaurants and the shopping sprees. Why make him get all dressed up when he should be relaxing? Why buy him more stuff when he probably already owns everything he needs or wants? Take him to a local bar and grill like Buzzard Billy's for a more casual time together instead.

If Pops doesn't have a regular pub, or if you want to treat him to something a bit different than his usual fare, you'll put a grin on his face if you look for a bar and grill with these 4 qualities:

1) Your father's favorite adult beverages.

Whether your dad's into single malt scotch or the latest craft beer, choose a bar and grill that offers his favorites. It's easy to call ahead to be sure they have the brands that your father enjoys. It's his day, after all, so be sure his "usual" is available.

2) A menu Dad can dig.

Today's bars offer far more than burgers and nachos. Their grills are cooking up cuisine that rivals dishes served in fine dining establishments. You'll find everything from steaks to sushi to vegetarian entrees on their menus. Check out social media and specific bar and grill websites to learn about the places that serve meals your father will truly savor.

3) Comfortable seating options.

All bars are not created the same when it comes to the quality of their chairs and booths. Once you've selected a few places your dad might like, pay a short visit yourself to each potential location and take a moment to sit down. Older people often have physical issues that make it painful for them to spend long periods of time sitting. Selecting a bar and grill that has padded club chairs or booths will make dad feel more comfortable and willing to hang out with you for a longer celebration.

4) Volume control.

For partying younger folks, loud, raucous music is a necessity. But some older guys won't enjoy being in a bar when the music is turned up to ear-splitting levels. Connecting with dad will be easier when you can hear each other talk, so find out ahead of time about noise levels in your chosen bar and grill. If your Papa is a rocker who loves loud music and dancing, ignore the previous advice and find a bar that will make him jump up and boogie.

If you choose your bar and grill wisely, your dad will have such an incredible time he'll soon be suggesting you meet there regularly. This would be awesome, since bonding with Dear Old Dad is even better when he picks up the tab!