7 Tips For Eating Out And Making Healthy Choices

Whether you have a medical condition, such as diabetes or heart disease, you probably find eating out to be a challenge. Although American food tastes great, some food choices you make can go against the recommendations of your doctor. To help you stay in tune with your recommended healthy diet and still enjoy yourself when eating out, here are some tips for ordering. 

  1. Avoid the fried foods. Foods that are cooked in oil are rich in fats and calories. By opting for the grilled or baked version of foods, you can avoid a lot of those fats and calories and keep your diet on track.
  2. Double up on vegetables. Instead of choosing sides such as French fries and starchy rice, ask for a double serving of vegetables. Green vegetables can not only help you avoid extra calories but also give you much needed fiber. 
  3. Skip the butter, gravies, and dressings. All of these substances can adversely impact your blood sugar levels and overall health. If you must have them, ask to have them served on the side and to cut the serving size in half. 
  4. Save half of your food. If you receive your food and it is a rather larger serving, ask the server to place half of the order in a to-go package. You can enjoy the food the next day and still avoid loading both days with lots of calories. 
  5. Drink water instead of carbonated sodas and juices. Both sodas and juices are laden with sugar. By drinking water, you not only can quench your thirst, but also come out feeling fuller. If you do want the soda or juice, ask for diet versions. 
  6. Place your order first. If you are dining with another person, ask to order first. When you hear what the other person is ordering, you might be tempted to follow suit if he or she makes poor dietary choices. 
  7. Skip the buffet. If you are dining at a buffet-style restaurant, ask if you can have an order specially made. Many buffets have menus set aside with alternative dining choices. This helps to ensure you do not overeat and that you can make good dietary decisions. 

There are many other decisions you can make when dining out that can help ensure that you stay on the right track. Talk to your doctor about additional tips for eating out and even recommendations on great substitutions you can make for foods you love to eat at home.