How Much To Tip For Pizza? That All Depends On How You Get It

Finding the right pizza place in your neighborhood puts a smile on your face and a longing rumble in your stomach. But, while you're dreaming of the gooey strands of mozzarella cheese stretching perfectly between the slice and your mouth, the pizza place's employees are working hard to turn your dream into reality. Giving a tip is the proper way to show your gratitude for a pizza order that satisfies you, regardless of whether you're dining in at your favorite spot, sampling the various slices on the pizza place's buffet or having your order delivered to your home. The exact amount to tip varies according to the manner in which you receive your food.

Dining In

If you choose to eat at a traditional, dine-in pizza establishment, the tip you leave your server at the conclusion of the meal should be consistent with general restaurant tipping. The website Real Simple recommends tipping between 15 and 20 percent of the bill. Tip on the lower end of this range if the service is typical and tip closer to 20 percent or beyond if it the server goes out of his or her way to provide exemplary care for you and your fellow diners.

At A Pizza Buffet

Some people choose not to tip at a buffet restaurant, given that patrons serve the food themselves. This practice, however, isn't very respectful of the staff member who seats you, clears your plates and brings your drinks. In an article in Good Housekeeping magazine, etiquette expert Peggy Post suggests that tipping 10 percent of the price of your bill is appropriate when dining at a buffet restaurant. She recommends, as is always the case with tipping, that you should base the specific amount you wish to tip on your interactions with the staff member. If he or she removes your plates in a timely manner and keeps your drinks full, you could even choose to tip slightly above 10 percent.

Home Delivery

The general rule for tipping a pizza delivery person is to give between 10 and 15 percent of the bill, according to Reader's Digest. It's appropriate to tip on the higher end of this scale when the driver gets to your house extremely quickly, has to battle inclement weather or traffic on the way or demonstrates exceptional professionalism or friendliness. Giving a little extra if you live in a dangerous neighborhood is also appropriate.

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