Why Is Live Jazz So Popular In Restaurants?

Jazz music has been around for over 100 years, with its origins stretching back even farther.  Jazz has a colorful history and there are dozens of different types of jazz music, making it hard to nail down a specific definition of "jazz."  It can use brass instruments, string instruments and keyboards, and often relies on improvisation and collaboration among the members of the band.  Jazz can be completely instrumental or have lyrics.   

Restaurants across the United States that feature live entertainment often turn to jazz music.  This is interesting, considering jazz is now one of the least popular genres of music in this country.  Have you ever wondered why so many restaurants that feature live music choose jazz? 

Jazz is fun.  Jazz music is seen as sophisticated, fun and even sexy.  A restaurant that is trying to market itself as upscale will likely go with jazz as its live music of choice because it evokes emotion in people.  A regular person can leave their regular life for a few hours and feel transformed into a wealthy, sophisticated socialite.  

Jazz sells wine.  Along with the feeling of sophistication, jazz music sells alcohol.  Jazz contributes to the atmosphere of the restaurant, which is likely dimly lit and cozy.  People enjoy this atmosphere and are in no need to rush out.  They want to stay longer, which results in eating slower and consuming more alcoholic beverages.

Jazz is "wallpaper music."  Wallpaper music is music that is pleasing, but that doesn't draw too much attention to itself.  Other examples of wallpaper music are classical and easy listening music.  Restaurants choose jazz over the other genres, though, because of the sophistication of it.  People enjoy it, appreciate it, and it sets a mood.  Jazz isn't dull.  However, people can still speak with their dinner party while enjoying the music, because it is not remarkably loud.

Live music is an investment for the restaurant.  Restaurant owners want to draw customers in so they will spend money and so they can get a return on their investment.  Jazz music, when used appropriately, is usually a good choice for restaurants that can create the atmosphere.  A good restaurant jazz band will dress appropriately for the mood that they are trying to create and will play all the music live with no background tracks.

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