Cut The Cost Of Decorating Chairs For Your Next Banquet Or Event

A big chunk of your event budget can be quickly spent on decorating the banquet facility. If you do some of the decorating work yourself, you can save yourself quite a bit of cash and ensure that everything is done just the way you picture it. One element to consider doing on your own is the chair decorating. But how can you decorate chairs on a tight budget?

Rent Slip Covers

Party and event rental companies offer a variety of chair slip covers. The best way to get the best price is to contact several rental companies and ask about pricing. During the inquiry, ask about the services that are included in the cost. Some may charge you an additional fee for ironing the covers. If so, you can skip the ironing service and do it yourself with a group of friends as you decorate the chairs.

Sash Savings

Buying enough ribbon to make sashes for all of the chairs in the banquet hall can get very expensive very quickly. Instead of buying ribbon, find a cheaper roll of fabric and cut it into ribbon-like strips. Not only will this save you money, but it will also open up the option of colors, fabrics and patterns that you have to work with to create the perfect sashes for the chairs.

Another way to customize your sashes is to use stencils and fabric paint. If you cannot find the perfect fabric to make the sashes, you can purchase solid colored fabric and use stencils and paints of any color to incorporate the color and design that you want for the event.

Floral details give a covered, sashed chair an added detail that is not overlooked. Adding a flower or three to the bow on the sash will make the entire room pop. Instead of spending a small fortune on fresh flowers from your local florist, consider growing the flowers yourself.

Note: If you are planning the event well in advance, you have a lot of time to plant, grow and cut the flowers, but if the event is coming in a few short months, you have fewer options of flowers to work with. There are a variety of flowers that are very fast growing and blooming, so you may still be able to save yourself some money by growing your own flowers to decorate the chairs with.

Your event doesn't have to cost you a fortune, but you can make it look like it has. Start by doing your own chair decorating and consider using different banquet services from professional companies like Lucarelli's Banquet Center to help with your upcoming event.