Youngest Child Starting College? Have A Special Day With Them Before They Leave

If your youngest child is heading off to college, this is an exciting time for them. Because you will likely not see your child for a few weeks, or maybe months, take time to go out and have a special day with them before the arrival date. This will give you time to say goodbye in a special way.


Visit their favorite restaurant and let them order anything they want, if you can. If you have waterfront restaurants, this can give you some great views while you are spending time eating and talking.

Call the restaurant ahead of time so you can get a VIP table. If you are eating outside, the restaurant may give you a table be as close to the waterfront as you can get. You could also make a celebration cake, and ask the restaurant if they can serve it to your table. Put candles on the cake that sparkle, much like a sparkler on the 4th of July. On the cake put something like "Congratulations! You Made It!" or "I knew You Could Make It!  I Am So Proud of You." For restaurants in the area, do an online search. 

Their Favorite Things

Because your child will be leaving their town, spend the day doing their favorite things. This could be something as simple as visiting a local swimming pool, or they may want to visit the area where they and their friends hung out a lot. It could also be something at home. Let them have complete control of the day.


If your child is a girl, visit a spa, hair salon, and manicurist. She will likely want a new haircut before she goes off to college, and getting her makeup done by a professional will help her feel special. At the spa, you both can relax and have a nice conversation. This is a great time to talk with her about her about fears and apprehensions of going off to college. Take her shopping so she can get some new clothes for college.

You should take time to get a care package ready for your child before they leave. In the package, put their favorite non-perishable foods, a laundry bag, and a new laptop if you can afford it. Purchase monogrammed towels for them, so they don't get lost among the other kids' towels. Put a letter at the bottom of the box that they will find when they start unpacking. In the letter give them encouragement, and tips on handling their first year of college.