Five Unique Catering Options For Weddings

When it comes to wedding planning, choosing the right catering menu is one of the most important components of the big day. Instead of the traditional chicken or beef options, consider adding more unique catering options to your offerings. This can help you to attract more customers and position yourself as an innovative caterer in your area. Here are five creative menu ideas you can offer to engaged couples planning their special event.

DIY Taco or Burger Bars

Not all weddings are formal affairs. For casual events, consider offering do-it-yourself buffet lines. A taco bar might consist of two to three protein options (beef, chicken and pork), along with a wide variety of toppings and salsas, so guests can create their own meal. A burger bar is a great option for outdoor weddings with a picnic theme. The concept is the same as the taco bar, but you'll want to offer lots of interesting hamburger toppings, such as pineapples, tomato jam or fried pickle chips.

Midnight Snacks

Some wedding receptions can run late into the night, giving guests enough time to get hungry well after dinner and cake have been served. Offering up sliders, chicken fingers and other finger foods gives guests a way to feed their hunger without having to leave the party. Consider adding a midnight snack menu to your catering packages so brides and grooms can choose from several options.

Brunch Buffets

Not all weddings take place at night. For mid-morning or early afternoon nuptials, a brunch buffet makes a great option. Custom-made omelets, fresh fruits, pancakes and waffles, and plenty of side dishes are all essential for this catering menu. Add mimosas instead of champagne for an authentic brunch touch. Be sure to have some fun cereals on hand for any little ones attending the wedding.

Dessert Bars

Not everyone likes cake, so give your wedding clients the option to create a dessert bar. You can offer up mini cheesecakes and tarts, cupcakes, and creme brulee, or you can create a build-your-own ice cream sundae bar that is sure to be a hit with kids at any wedding event. Be sure to offer to-go boxes at the dessert table so guests can bring a few sweet treats home with them.

Custom Themed Menus

Some couples choose specific themes for their weddings, and you can offer custom menus that fit each theme. Outdoor picnic-themed wedding menus might include barbecued ribs, corn on the cob and fresh coleslaw, while a luau wedding could include a full pig roast and lots of tropical fruits. Work with your clients to create a menu that fits their wedding themes to create a memorable event.

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