How To Reduce Consumed Calories At A Sandwich Shop

Going to a restaurant is always difficult when you are on a diet because you don't know exactly what's in any of the dishes and it's very easy to choose a dish that contains a lot of butter, salt, and fat. A sandwich shop is one of the easier restaurants to navigate because you are able to put exactly what you want on your sandwich, allowing you to control the calories that it contains. Here are some tips for your order at the shop in order to reduce the amount of calories that you consume while still getting a filling sandwich. 

1. Go Crazy With the Vegetables

Sandwich shops are awesome because they allow you to put many more vegetables on your sandwich than you would ever be willing to put on a sandwich at home due to the large amount of cutting that would be required. Take full advantage of the large number of vegetables by having the shop put tons of them on your sandwich. Try to reduce the amount of lunch meat and other meat that you put on your sandwich to as low a percentage as possible in order to reduce the overall amount of sodium and calories that you consume. Vegetables will fill you up and contain a very low amount of calories. 

2. Watch the Bread

If you absolutely need to have meat, make your sandwich extremely thick but limit the amount of bread that you use. Get the same number of veggies on a 6-inch sub that you would on a 12-inch sub in order to make sure that the sandwich fills you up without also consuming extra carbohydrates. Check the calorie content of the bread before you choose one and try to get the one with the lowest calorie content. If the counts are not posted, getting whole wheat bread tends to be a safe bet.

3. Be Smart About How You Flavor It

Try to avoid using mayonnaise, or if you must use it, use the lower-fat version that many sandwich shops offer. If you can use low-fat Italian dressing or honey mustard, you will usually be better off in the calories department. Another option is to see if the person making your sandwich would be able to flavor the sandwich with lemon juice, rather than using a dressing. If you do need to use mayonnaise, ask the person making your sandwich to put on half as much as they normally would or a quarter as much. Simply reducing the amount of mayo used with help you reduce calories.

For more information, check with a local sandwich shop (click here for more information).