What Is A Prix Fixe Menu?

Eating out at a fine dining restaurant is not a frequent event for most people, but it is something a lot of people do on special occasions. If you are currently planning a visit to a restaurant that offers fine dining, you may discover a menu that is different from what you are used to. Some of these restaurants use menus called prix fixe. Before you visit a restaurant with this type of menu, it will be handy for you to know what this means and how it works.

What is prix fixe?

A prix fixe menu is one that typically offers a limited number of entrees, and the prices are generally the same for all the meals they offer. Restaurants that offer prix fixe menus typically change their menus by season, so each time you visit the restaurant they may offer different options.

The server is likely to explain each of these options to you, and this will give you a better idea of what each entrée is like. With a prix fixe menu, you will not usually have the option of only ordering a salad or cup of soup. You will have to choose one of the items on the menu.

What does it include?

While every restaurant is slightly different, most restaurants that offer prix fixe menus include several things with the entrees, including:

  • An appetizer – They may bring you an appetizer of their choice, or you might get to choose from several different options.
  • Soup or salad – Many restaurants also offer your choice of soup or salad with your meal.
  • Main dish – The main dish selections may include fish, chicken, or steak, or they could include other options.
  • Dessert – Some of these restaurants also serve dessert with the meals at no extra cost.

Typically, a prix fixe meal will come with everything you will need for a great dinner or lunch.

Why do they do this?

There are several reasons restaurants offer these menus, and some of these reasons are highly beneficial for the customers, including:

  • Faster delivery times – If a restaurant only makes five different things, it is likely to speed up the time in which you receive your food.
  • They are great at what they do – In addition, when a chef can spend his or her time on just a few different meal choices, the chef may deliver food that is amazing and more delicious than you had expected.

Eating out at a fine dining restaurant can be a great experience, even if you have to choose your meal from a prix fixe menu. To learn more, make reservations at a restaurant of your choice.