Three Ways To Eat Healthy While You Dine At A Seafood Restaurant

When you make the decision to dine out at a seafood restaurant, you're already opening the door to food that will benefit your health. Fish, for example, is a lean source of protein that is loaded with omega-3 fatty acids that can provide health benefits such as reducing your risk of heart disease and even aid in brain development. As you peruse the menu, you're presented with a number of healthy options and some that are certainly tasty, but aren't as beneficial as others. Whether you're watching your weight or just want to keep as healthy as possible, here are three health-conscious ways to eat at a seafood restaurant.

Opt For Broiled Or Grilled Over Fried

It's hard to beat the taste of fried seafood, but whether you favor fried and breaded fish, shrimp or scallops, there are healthier ways to eat. Scan the menu to find your favorite types of seafood that are prepared by broiling or grilling. These preparation methods are healthier than deep-fried or even pan-fried. In each of the two former preparations, your seafood isn't surrounded by oil or butter, which increases the healthy benefits of the food. If the seafood restaurant's menu doesn't contain many broiled and grilled options, ask your server if the kitchen staff can cook with one of these two healthy methods for you.

Watch For Heavy Sauces

Sauces that accompany your seafood selections can make the dish delicious, but also add calories in the form of fat and sugar. Confirm whether your meal is served with a sauce and either ask to have it served on the side or opt for a healthier selection. A few squirts of fresh lemon and some chopped fresh dill can suit the taste of several types of fish well and are healthy to enjoy. Cocktail sauce adds a sweet, spicy flavor to shrimp, but it also contains sugar in the ketchup. Instead of opting for this sauce, ask for some hot sauce, which typically doesn't contain sugar and can provide a satisfying degree of spice.

Be Careful With Platters

One of the pillars of many seafood restaurants is the seafood platter, which is a large plate that contains several assorted items. If you're tempted to order this dish, have a plan that avoids you eating all of it in one sitting. Your plan can be to split it with your dining partner or pledge to eat only half of it and take the rest of the meal home to enjoy the next day.

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