Refining Your Palate: 3 Tips To Choosing A Fine Dining Restaurant To Try With Your Friends

Americans are becoming more and more adventurous with what they eat, and more than 50% of Americans who visit restaurants would consider themselves "foodies." Eating is a great way of connecting with friends, and if you and your friends are all foodies, trying out different types of fine dining restaurants can really be a fun activity. With all the restaurants that are popping up all over the city, here are 3 ways you can weed out unlikely candidates and find hidden gems.

Take a Quick Look at the Menu Ahead of Time

Don't assume that you or your friends will like the restaurant just because it's being raved about on every food blog or magazine out there. Before you book a reservation, take a quick look at the menu first to determine whether the cuisine or the type of ingredients used are favored by the entire group. For example, if you all love meat, a fine dining restaurant that specializes in vegetarian dishes may not necessarily be the best choice.

Choose a Convenient Location for Everyone

Meeting up to enjoy time together shouldn't be a chore and shouldn't be difficult. On top of finding a restaurant with an impeccable menu that meets everyone's expectations, don't forget to see whether the restaurant is located in a convenient location for everyone. If you and your friends are planning to meet up after work, find a restaurant that everyone can easily get to. You don't want to exclude someone who might work an hour away and won't be able to make it to the restaurant on time.

Determine If The Environment Is Ideal for Conversations

While most fine dining restaurants are beautifully decorated, it doesn't necessarily mean that the location is great for conversations. For example, a place that is simply too crowded or a place that plays a lot of loud, live music may not be ideal for conversations. If you're meeting just for the food, you might not care about the environment; however, if you want to catch up with your pals, you might want to consider looking for a casual fine dining establishment that is a bit quieter. If you have a large party, you'll want to look for a restaurant that offers private dining rooms.


Going out to try different types of fine dining cuisines can really help strengthen your friendship. However, to ensure that the meet up happens smoothly, put some effort into choosing a fine dining restaurant that is ideal for your group's dynamics and preferences.