Try Honey On Your Next Pizza

One of the nice things about visiting a gourmet pizza restaurant is that you'll get to experience unique, high-end toppings that you won't commonly find at chain establishments. If you enjoy pizza and look for new restaurants to try, there's a good chance that you'll come across an establishment that offers honey as a pizza topping. While you might associate this type of food with breakfast or dessert, the reality is that it can work well on many types of pizza. Some pizzas include honey as one of their primary ingredients, but you may wish to add honey to a different pizza that doesn't come with it. Here are some things to know about having honey on your pizza.

Why Try It

Honey can be an appealing pizza topping because of the sweet taste that it provides. Most of the toppings on pizza tend to be savory, and adding a sweet note to each bite will dramatically expand this food's flavor profile. If you're ordering a pizza that has some spicy toppings, such as spicy pepperoni or another cured meat, you'll likely find that the combination of spice with the sweetness of the honey is enjoyable. Honey also has numerous health benefits due to its antioxidant properties, so getting these benefits with your pizza may appeal to you.

Types Of Honey

While some restaurants simply serve plain honey on their pizzas, other establishments have additional choices. For example, you'll often see hot honey as a topping option. Hot honey is honey that is infused with hot peppers, which gives it a spicy and sweet flavor. While you might not want this type of honey on a pizza that is already spicy, it can be a good choice for boosting the flavor of a pizza that has conventional ingredients such as a cheese pizza.

How It's Added

While different pizza restaurants take different approaches to their honey, it's common for the kitchen staff to drizzle the top of the pie with honey after it comes out of the oven. This ensures that the honey taste is noticeable, rather than being diminished by going through the cooking process. At some restaurants, your server will bring you a small bottle of honey that you can use to add drops to each bite before you eat them. If you're the type of person who loves the taste of honey and is eager to try it on a pizza, look online to find a pizza restaurant that includes this unique topping.