Catering For Intimate Weddings: Ideas For Small Guest Lists

If your wedding is a smaller, more intimate affair, then you'll need to make sure that you're catering for the event appropriately. And since it's a smaller guest list, this means there's an opportunity to be more creative with your food and drinks.

Here are some ideas for how you can make your intimate wedding a culinary success.

Seafood Spread

A seafood spread is an elegant and delightful way to cater to your intimate wedding. It typically includes fresh, high-quality seafood options like oysters, crab, shrimp, and lobster. Opting for a seafood spread adds a touch of sophistication to your event and provides a memorable dining experience for your guests.

You can serve it as a buffet-style meal where guests can help themselves with their preferred dishes. Alternatively, you can arrange for it to be served tableside, adding a personalized touch to your dining experience. Additionally, you can pair the seafood with a selection of sauces and sides to cater to a range of palates.

Additionally, you can also consider serving a seafood-based starter and main course. This allows you to prepare dishes with flavors that complement each other while providing an intimate experience for your guests.

For instance, you could start with a creamy seafood bisque, followed by freshly grilled lobster tails and wild-caught salmon. This would be an excellent way to kick off a meal and satisfy your guests.

Dessert Bar

A dessert bar is an indulgent and creative way to end the meal at your intimate wedding. Offering a range of sweet treats will cater to the various tastes of your guests, adding a sweet note to the event. You can opt for a mix of traditional wedding desserts such as wedding cake, cupcakes, and pastries, along with some unconventional choices like donuts, ice cream, and even a chocolate fountain.

To make your dessert bar stand out, consider incorporating a theme that aligns with your wedding theme. Whether it's rustic, floral, or vintage-inspired, a themed dessert bar will satisfy your guests' sweet tooth and serve as an attractive visual element at your reception. You can also set up a toppings bar to allow your guests to customize their desserts.

Couple this with various hot and cold beverages — freshly brewed coffee, a selection of teas, hot chocolate, and perhaps a dessert wine. Combining a beautifully decorated dessert bar, a variety of sweets, and complementing beverages is a lovely way to wrap up your intimate wedding, leaving a lasting impression on your guests.

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