Cut The Cost Of Decorating Chairs For Your Next Banquet Or Event

A big chunk of your event budget can be quickly spent on decorating the banquet facility. If you do some of the decorating work yourself, you can save yourself quite a bit of cash and ensure that everything is done just the way you picture it. One element to consider doing on your own is the chair decorating. But how can you decorate chairs on a tight budget? Rent Slip Covers Read More 

Youngest Child Starting College? Have A Special Day With Them Before They Leave

If your youngest child is heading off to college, this is an exciting time for them. Because you will likely not see your child for a few weeks, or maybe months, take time to go out and have a special day with them before the arrival date. This will give you time to say goodbye in a special way. Restaurant Visit their favorite restaurant and let them order anything they want, if you can. Read More 

Why Is Live Jazz So Popular In Restaurants?

Jazz music has been around for over 100 years, with its origins stretching back even farther.  Jazz has a colorful history and there are dozens of different types of jazz music, making it hard to nail down a specific definition of "jazz."  It can use brass instruments, string instruments and keyboards, and often relies on improvisation and collaboration among the members of the band.  Jazz can be completely instrumental or have lyrics. Read More 

How Much To Tip For Pizza? That All Depends On How You Get It

Finding the right pizza place in your neighborhood puts a smile on your face and a longing rumble in your stomach. But, while you're dreaming of the gooey strands of mozzarella cheese stretching perfectly between the slice and your mouth, the pizza place's employees are working hard to turn your dream into reality. Giving a tip is the proper way to show your gratitude for a pizza order that satisfies you, regardless of whether you're dining in at your favorite spot, sampling the various slices on the pizza place's buffet or having your order delivered to your home. Read More 

And They’re Off! Why You And Your Friends Should Watch Horse Racing At Your Favorite Sports Bar

Known as the "sport of kings," horse racing is a centuries' old competition that is just as exciting for those watching as those actually involved with the horses. You need not travel to a horse track to capture the excitement of a day at the races, though; most sports bars can broadcast horse racing. If you have yet to watch this exciting sporting event, here are the basics that you and your sports bar friends need to know about the sport and how you can make the most of your social outing. Read More